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Project papers

10 MOBiNET papers were presented at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux. The MOBiNET papers covered issues such as but not limited to the business aspects of the MOBiNET platform, the architecture overview of a platform for European mobility services, the benefits of social features in mobility services platforms, how the MOBiNET platform allows public authorities and fleet operators to cooperate and share data, etc.

    This paper examines different aspects of services platforms, while focusing on the context of transportation and mobility. The paper identifies how collaborative tools, user-generated content and social media can be incorporated to create benefits for the platform and its users. While various social media features, such as liking, sharing and rating, are becoming more and more common in applications and app stores, there is untapped potential in utilising other social tools with platforms. Platform design could help generate services in a way that supports consistent user involvement and provides benefits for service developers. The potential benefits of social media tools as part of different platform interfaces and elements are examined with an example case of the European-wide mobility service platform MOBiNET.
    Final Paper Presentation
    This paper describes the intermediate results of the on-going MOBiNET project. The project has the objective to design and develop a pre-operational framework where private and public ITS service providers, content providers, providers of next-generation mobility services and transport end users can meet and interact in a multi-vendor business-to-buisness e-marketplace and service directory where prviders of transport-related contents and services can publish and exchange their products, compose new services and reach a Europe-wide customer base. The focus of the paper is on the business aspects and the current findings of business implications are discussed.
    Final Paper Presentation



Special Interest Session

Is there a business case for a universal mobility service marketplace?
With the explosion of both online mobility services and sources of open transport data, there is a growing need for marketplaces where users can find apps and services, and where service providers and operators can publish data and third-party services.
This session will be lead as an interactive debate around possible business models for e-marketplace users and operators, as well as models for the governance and organisation of such platforms. The panelists represent leading mobility service providers from Europe, Japan and beyond.