Bobby, one of winning apps of 2015 MOBiNET ITS Hackathon, showcased at Glasgow congress

Bobby, one of the winning applications of the ITS World Congress 2015 Hackathon in Bordeaux, was showcased at the MOBiNET stand during the Glasgow congress.

Bobby – Your commuting buddy

“Bobby gives you the right information and handles simple tasks, whenever and wherever you need it”

What is Bobby

“Bobby allows you to automate tasks related to your commutes and to execute them on the right place and at the right moment without any interaction on your part!” says Geoffrey Roguelon, inventory of the Bobby app.


Once the Bobby app is downloaded the user chooses:
1 - One task among Bus, Tram, Metro schedules - Bike, Parking availabilities -
Send SMS or Mail
2 - The place where you want this task to take place
3 - The period during which the task is active

Then there’s nothing left to do!

Bobby will perform the tasks at the right moment and will alert the user by sending notifications and voice messages.

Bobby integrates the Open Data of cities across the Europe but when no services are found, Bobby asks the MOBiNET platform (as fall back) to get additional information on the user and sends this information to the mobile application. Bobby contributes also in adding its services to the MOBiNET platform. For the Glasgow congress, the Glasgow information for bikes and parkings had been added.

Bobby intends to improve road safety by reducing the interactions of user with his / her phone while driving or walking.

Demo Bobby


Geoffrey Roguelon, inventory and founder of Bobby, explaining the app

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