Business cases

The services developed, enhanced or migrated (existing services) in MOBiNET are typical business cases of the MOBiNET platform and are used as proof of concept at eight pilot sites where the platform and these services are tested and validated.

Compared to conducting business or using services as currently done, the use of the MOBiNET platform offers advantages to transport operators/public authorities/cities, data & content providers, vehicle manufacturers and other service providers, app developers, and end users / European travellers. Learn more about the benefits and business cases for these different types of stakeholders here.

The MOBiNET project will recommend a business model for the operation of the MOBiNET platform after the MOBiNET project will end in June 2017. Currently, three possible business models have been identified:

  • MOBiNET as a pure business-to-business organisation, delivering services and data to service providers who each have the relationship with their end users.
  • MOBiNET as a combination business-to-business organisation, delivering services and data both to service providers and to end users, and receiving payment from both.
  • MOBiNET as a business-to-business organisation, receiving payments from businesses, and delivering services to end users on behalf of their service providers.

Get involved in our Provider Community to participate in the stakeholders’ consultations, namely on the business models for a Europe-wide service platform.