Publish and search
The Yellow Pages of mobility
MOBiNET offers solutions for business users (B2B and B2C) including a comprehensive directory of mobility and transport-related data and services across Europe and beyond

  • Advertise your business in the Service Directory and get Europe-wide visibility to expand your customer base
  • Easily find and access transport & mobility-focused contents and potential business partners across Europe to expand your business

Horizontally & vertically integrated marketplace
Matching requests & offers
MOBiNET fosters an e-commerce network linking providers and users of contents and services

  • Sell and purchase travel & transport-related services and data to/from a wider, Europe-scale customer base
  • Interface with and integrate third party services & data to enhance your service offering
  • Benefit from a technology-agnostic & privacy protection framework, data quality assessment & certification features
  • Develop new mobility services using the toolkit defined in MOBiNET including the technical components required.