Future Exploitation of the MOBiNET Platform

MOBiNET is an EU-funded project that delivers results that will most likely be translated into a commercial operation. This is totally in line with the EU policy to fund multi-stakeholder projects that deliver tangible commercial results.

During the final event, MOBiNET Project partner Dynniq and MOBiNET Project Coordinator ERTICO made an announcement to the press confirming that Dynniq considers the continuation of the MOBiNET platform after the end of the project.

According to Cees de Wijs, CEO of Dynniq, the press announcement reflected the deployment strategy of the company to come up to speed with Mobility as a Service. MOBiNET is an “Internet of Mobility”, an e-marketplace that enables providers and users of mobility contents and services to meet. MOBiNET offers a multi-vendor and multi-operator mobility broker service, designed for access from any type of device. The platform integrates with services and contents from private and commercial users to the extent that they desire.

MOBiNET platform provides a privacy protection framework, data quality assessment and certification features. Service operators have access to Billing and Clearing functionalities and a Software Development Toolkit to seamlessly integrate their service with the platform. For end users, MOBiNET holds the promise of seamless roaming of mobility services.

MOBiNET’s Project Coordinator confirmed that the MOBiNET project is now considered as one of the building blocks of the future of Mobility as a Service.