ITS Hackathon

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 (All day) to Thursday, October 8, 2015 (All day)

ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, France
CEB, Hall 2 (the Award Ceremony on 8 October will take place in the Palais des Congrès, Amphi B)

The event is co-organised by the MOBiNET European project and Michelin Bibendum Challenge, in partnership with the eSafety Aware European project and ERTICO – ITS Europe.

The Hackathon invites academics, start-ups, app developers and service providers to come up with new ideas and apps for mobility and safety services using the different components of the MOBiNET e-marketplace, the mobility services developed in MOBiNET and traffic and transport data from Bordeaux and Glasgow. Participants can also develop new services for the platform, e.g. create functionalities that can be used by other services and that could eventually become platform standard features. The developed services should be designed with a European dimension in order to facilitate the take up of a European wide e-market place.
Practical information and registration at


MOBiNET is a Europe-wide e-marketplace for transport & mobility-related services and data. At its core is a platform that provides components and tools to facilitate the interactions between users and suppliers of these services and data, and the development of new services and applications.

Who is it for?

• Service & data providers wishing to advertise their offer to a wider customer base
• Service and application developers in search of third-party services & data to enhance their existing services or develop new ones
• Public Transport operators & local authorities willing to share their traffic and travel data in order to foster the development of innovative solutions for the benefit of travellers and citizens

How can I use MOBiNET for the ITS Hackathon?

The Hackathon invites participants to come up with new ideas and apps for mobility and safety services using:
• the components and tools of MOBiNET
• the data and services registered in MOBiNET Service Directory

Participants can also develop new services for the platform (“component” that can be used by other services and that could eventually become platform standard features).

The developed applications should be designed with a European dimension in order to facilitate the take up of a European wide e-market place (e.g. MOBiNET parking service use case: a service developed in Aalborg, Denmark, initially designed to consume the local dataset, also works in Trikala, Greece, with the Greek local dataset, because both Aalborg and Trikala datasets are published as services in MOBiNET Service Directory).

Components & tools available for the ITS Hackathon

APIs, user guides and tutorials are available, once logged in, from the platform dashboard directly.

1. Service Directory

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Publishing data and services
    • Search for data and services by categories, tags, location-based, data format, company and other
    • Publish data formats
    • API (REST Interface) to use the Service Directory possibilities in your service

2. Identity Manager

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Authentication with OpenID provider (using Google for external logins)
    • Account / user management per company
    • API provided to use Identity Manager possibilities in your service

3. MOBiAGENT (only available for Android devices)

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Integration with Identity Manager to allow access to specific services based on MOBiNET identity
    • Single sign on to the MOBiNET platform
    • Search the Service Directory from your Android device
    • Location-based services using cellular and G5 networks (Vehicle2Vehicle and Vehicle2Infrastructure) using the integrated Communication Manager
    • API provided for plugins and native Android applications to use MOBiAGENT

4. Communication Agent

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Server component for communication with MOBiAGENT
    • Keeps track of position of MOBiNET logged in end-devices
    • Broadcast messages to devices with MOBiAGENT within region of interest
    • API provided to work with Communication Agent

5. TSP Manager

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Collects telematics data from Telematics Service Providers
    • Offers telematics data to telematics data consumers, e.g. insurance providers or traffic advice systems
    • API (REST interface) to use TSP Manager possibilities in your service

6. Privacy Framework

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Java-based SDK and designer for privacy policies how to take privacy into account when designing / developing a service
    • Ensure privacy by default policy
      • Protect class members from not allowed access
    • Grant access by dedicated privacy policies
      • Data owner consent to relax the default security

7. Data Quality Assessment (DQA)

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Provides statistical data quality calculations on measurement data to service providers
    • Available via a REST-Interface to use DQA possibilities in your service

8. Service Development Kit

  • Description
  • Functionalities available:
    • Documentation to support service providers in developing and registering services in the MOBiNET Service Directory
    • Editor for registering service descriptions in the Service Directory

Data and services available in the MOBiNET Service Directory for the ITS Hackathon (to date)

- Open data from city of Bordeaux (France)
- Open data from city of Glasgow (United Kingdom): Real-time traffic data from scoot sensors at Traffic Junctions; Real-time car park availability from City Parking car parks
- Open data from Transport for London (United Kingdom): Public Transport Journey Planning (current and future), Status (current and future), Disruptions (current) and Planned works (future), Arrival/departure predictions (instant and websockets), Timetables, Embarcation points and facilities, Routes and lines (topology and geographical), Fares
- ParkingService & datasets from Aalborg (Denmark) and Trikala (Greece)
- Parking Assistant app
- Road works warning data from Helmond (The Netherlands)
- RTTI app
- SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) and MAP standards-related data from Helmond (The Netherlands) and Vigo (Spain)
- Bordeaux Tempus Multimodal Travel Assistant app
- Usage Based Insurance service and app
- Usage-based insurance-related dataset (supported by 3 insurance providers and 2 Telematics Service Providers)
- VoiceInfo app and broker
- Estimated time of arrival service
- hsl_api (Helsinki Region Transport API for public transportation data and routing): immediate access available after registering
- HSL_Journey_Planner_GTFS (Helsinki Region Transport public transportation data in GTFS format): immediate download for GTFS package available after registration
- Digitraffic_traffic_disorders (Digitraffic real-time traffic disorder data for Finland as provided by Finnish Transport Agency)
- Digitraffic_road_weather_forecasts (Digitraffic road weather forecasts for Finnish main roads as provided by Finnish Transport Agency and Foreca)
- Digitraffic_current_road_weather (Digitraffic current weather data from road weather stations as provided by Finnish Transport Agency)
- Digitraffic_current_fluency_data (Digitraffic current traffic fluency data for Finnish main roads as provided by Finnish Transport Agency)
- Digitraffic traffic disorders in DATEX II format (Digitraffic_Traffic_Disorders): DATEX II format for messages returned by Digitraffic Traffic Disorders API providing Real time information about traffic incidents, roadworks and frost heaves provided by road traffic centers of Finland.
- Foreca road weather (Foreca_roadconditionsdata): XML schema by Foreca defining the element used to provides weather forecasts for road parts in Finland.
- Digitraffic weather measurement from road stations (Digitraffic_roadWeather): XML data format for message containing the latest measurement data from road weather stations in Finland.
- Digitraffic traffic fluency data (Digitraffic_TrafficFluency): data format for traffic fluency data for links in Finnish roads
- General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) that defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.

MOBiNET event
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