Live Demonstrations / Use Cases

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Live Demonstrations

The MOBiNET stand presented live demonstrations of the MOBiNET core services as well applications illustrating the added value of a Europe-wide e-marketplace for transport and mobility-related data & services.

Live demonstrations included a parking app from North Denmark (and how it has been successfully imported into Greece), a Multi-Modal Journey Planner (MMTA), GLOSA and RTTI. Demos showed how the MOBiNET platform makes these services privacy aware through the Privacy Framework.

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Videos demonstrated how to use the platform and showed the NST, VoiceInfo, RTTI, ParkingServicesAppAalborg, ParkingServicesAppTrikala, UBI, and Privacy Framework.

During the Bordeaux showcase, the MOBiNET Privacy Framework was presented as a generic tool to make registered services privacy aware. The Privacy Framework video demonstrated MOBiNET’s ability to associate and enforce privacy protection policies with registered services.

Value add for MOBiNET

The several demos showed how easy it is to add info to the MOBiNET platform and to make a specific service Europe-wide available. MOBiNET also allows migration of a service to another country.

Validation / User feedback

MOBiNET does not fit easily into the 15 second elevator speech category since MOBiNET is building a platform. In general terms, the MOBiNET showcase at Bordeaux was considered as a very positive event because the MOBiNET team was able to demonstrate some real applications that use the MOBiNET platform. In terms of user feedback, the MOBiNET team was able to interact with people who were genuinely interested in understanding what the MOBiNET platform could do for them.

Generally speaking we can conclude that the MOBiNET demos triggered a number of in-depth conversations on the MOBiNET platform, its functionalities and value add. These conversations took place either at the MOBiNET stand or during other meetings, presentations etc at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux. The stand visitors were able to witness the progress made by the MOBiNET project.

The MOBIiNET stand was placed along the main entrance aisle of the exhibition hall and provided an excellent platform to present MOBiNET to the visitors of the exhibition.


MOBiNET stand at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux 2015


Use cases