MOBINET Provider Community Launch Event: Recorded Webinar

Date: 14 October 2014
Location: Aalborg, Denmark

The launch event of the MOBiNET Provider Community was organised in conjunction with a consortium meeting and hosted by the North Denmark Region. North Denmark Region, a consortium member of the MOBiNET project, has a great reputation in open data policy and facilitating innovative transport solutions. Since gaining supports from public authorities is a key to success of the Community, the consortium chose Aalborg to host the event.

Due to concerns that not all interested stakeholders could travel to Aalborg, an online conference facility using GoToWebinar was arranged to enable people to join the event remotely. Through the online conference facility, one could view the presentation, listen to the speech and ask questions. The online conference facility also provides recording function.

The event invited speakers from different sectors to present their views on importance of open data. At the event, MOBiNET developers presented the functionalities of the Platform currently available. Aalborg University demonstrated an Android mobile App for parking service which uses functionalities of the MOBiNET platform. PTV AG, a non-consortium member of the MOBiNET project, presented their plan to use the MOBiNET platform and their view on benefits of joining the Provider Community.

The entire event can be watched here.

You can see all the presentations in the order of the agenda below:

Welcome and keynote speech

Public Authority's view: Importance of open data

Developer's view: Importance of Open Data

Industry's view: Open data & ITS Business

Commercial Usage of MOBiNET: Truck Parking Europe

Components of the MOBiNET platform and their functions

Parking Assistant Demonstration in North Denmark Region

Business Model of MOBiNET

Proposed organisation of the Provider Community