Non-Stop Truck (NST) Demo / Use Case

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Demonstration scenario

The demo showed a 4’23” video clip of a Non-Stop-Truck service field trial. This video clip was specifically made for the Bordeaux ITS World Congress but will be used in future dissemination activities. In first instance, the video shows how traditionally goods vehicle controls stop all trucks and how this impacts the transport industry. The video continues by presenting NST powered by MOBiNET. Thanks to MOBiNET, truck owners can share data with any European public authority, European public authorities can offer self-declaration service to any trucks equipped with an approved on-board device, the MOBiNET platform matches vehicle data from on-board devices to data required by public authorities, and trucks obtain a free pass for law-abiding vehicle controls.

The video then continues describing the interface between the truck, the MOBiAGENT and the MOBiCENTRE. Trucks owners can register their trucks for voluntary sharing of identity and truck status. The Identity Manager authenticates and authorises both service consumers and providers, in this case truck owners and public authorities. Regarding content providers to the MOBiCENTRE, public authorities can register control stations that allow this NST service. The Dashboard is the user interface for public
authorities to manage the control stations and to operate the NST service. The Service Directory stores and publishes all information on control stations that accept NST. The MOBiAGENT provides an interface for end users for searching, registering and using the NST service (ie control stations can look up vehicle truck information on pan-European basis). Thanks to the NST Free pass, truck owners can share the identity and the truck status to public authorities via wireless communication. The back-office
system then checks the truck’s identity and weight. The driver then receives the clearance. Cooperative ITS allow trucks to pass the control station without delay. NST free pass results in more efficient management of truck weight controls for public authorities, time savings for truck drivers and transport industry, and more fluent traffic flows.

Added value of MOBiNET platform

  • Pan-European availability and accessibility of the service
  • Easiness of publishing and sharing data sources for public authorities

Footage from NST video

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Validation / user feedback

Feedback primarily took place through the presentation of the paper “Cooperative self-declaring of weight for trucks” during the ITS World Congress Interactive Session IS07 – Freight and Logistics 3 on 7 October 2015; and at the Workshop on Intelligent Access and Compliance Control for Trucks held by Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) at the Swedish Pavilion at the ITS World Congress on 7 October 2015. The purpose of the workshop was to exchange knowledge and experience regarding the management of access to infrastructure and compliance of given access of trucks. For NST, the workshop has been the gateway to cooperate with Trafikverket.