Parking Services (PS) Demo / Use Case

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Demonstration scenario
The demonstration consisted of the ParkAssistant app and two videos on the ParkingApp in Aalborg, Denmark, and in Trikala, Greece.

The ParkAssistant app consisted of a laptop and an Android emulator where the location of the device could be emulated. In this way two locations, Aalborg and Trikala, could be emulated. On the emulated device the ParkingAssistant app was opened and presented on a big screen. The different operations that could be performed in the app were shown, including finding parking lots, automatically initiating parking sessions and paying for them, and finding your car again.

The demonstration showed that service descriptions can be added and removed from the Service Directory describing the parking information service.


  • App “take me to a parking lot”: user log in
  • Then complete “Car info page”
  • Emulator runs
  • Device on how it will look on your phone
  • “Automatic park & pay” : presents where the user wis and parking lots available in that area
  • Specific information on that specific parking lot (live info through web service registered in the Service Directory of the MOBINET platform); this service is automatically discovered
  • This service has been migrated to Greece where this service will automatically find the info on parking lots in Greece.
  • Emulate the parking lot, will initiate a parking session with the parking session manager (= server running at Gatehouse).
  • Presents user with a notification “Parking initiated”
  • Then after some minutes, the user proceeds to pay
  • The gps location of where the user parked his car will be saved to the car the user inserted in the app

Functionality “Automatic Park and Pay for parking”:

  • In app “go to car info”
  • In the app the user can see where his car is, the user gets route guidance from where he is to where his car is parked
  • The user walks back to his car, open notification, open again “Automatic Park & Pay”; the back end service then knows how long the user has parked his car, knows in what parking lot, and from that it knows what the price is at that particular parking lot; then it calculates the price and requests transaction from end user’s credit card to the parking lot provider

Another functionality “Take me to the nearest parking lot from your current position” with route guidance and map info on how to get there.
Alternative use: “Take me to a parking lot”. The user has to indicate where he is going and the app will give the user the parking lot closest to that position.

Migration of service from Denmark to Greece
Focus of the demonstration was on the migration of the parking service developed in Aalborg, Denmark to Trikala, Greece.

  • Open the “park an pay” app: the app knows that the user is in Trikala, Greece
  • The app asks MOBiNET if it has any parking services in the area, it finds the local service, is able to get the parking information from that service
  • App has some information on available parking lots and prices

Parking Services app

Footage from the ParkAssistant videos from Aalborg, Denmark, and Trikala, Greece

Click here to watch the Aalborg video
Click here to watch the Trikala video
Added value for MOBiNET
App shows key benefits of the MOBiNET platform: it is easy to migrate the app to other locations. The service is automatically discovered by the app depending on location.

Intelligent parking assistant is using many of the MOBINET features in support of making the system work.

Additionally it was shown that the identity and billing of the end users can be handled by MOBiNET, and that the parking sessions are handled by already existing system components. Only the parking info service needs to be implemented and made available in order to migrate the system to another city.

Through a web interface, the user can see all his previous parking sessions. When the user logs in, he receives info on all previous parking sessions. This serves as a back-up: in case the user’s app is not working, the user can still log in and stop the parking session through this interface on his computer.

Background info

In order to make the parking system available to Trikala, ICCS developed a MOBiNET-compliant parking data service for Trikala. This data service collects real-time parking information from a number of car parks in Trikala and makes them available through the MOBiCENTRE to be used by B2C services such as the North Denmark parking app. The service format was specified in the form of B2B solution by North Denmark and includes a broad range of information for each car park, such as number of free parking slots, number of parking slots for disabled users and number of charging points for electrical vehicles.

The parking system published on the MOBiNET platform is generic and open for addition of real-time data from other cities/countries. Given that web services delivering parking data exist in another city/country, only a limited amount of development work is foreseen for the interested party. The core part of the work lies on the integration of the service in the Service Directory, Identity and Payment parts of the MOBiCENTRE.

Validation / feedback

Most stand visitors who watched the Parking Assistant app were interested in the MOBiNET platform, which of its functionalities were used and how the platform supported the app.