Pilot Site: Helsinki

The Helsinki test site covers Greater Helsinki (also called Helsinki Region) located in the south of Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, which is part of the Baltic Sea. It covers area of 7,360 km2 that includes:

  • Helsinki Metropolitan Area (HMA) or Capital Area covering an area of 745 km2 and including the capital city of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa, which form the urban kernel of the region, and
  • The Greater Helsinki Area including ten surrounding towns in which public transportation is organised by the same authority, Helsinki Region Transport (HSL/HRT).

In Greater Helsinki, information about local and partly regional public transportation is provided through well-developed and widely-used applications.

The information is freely available through an open Reittiopas API (http://developer.reittiopas.fi/pages/en/home.php) for anyone to exploit it for his own services, both free and commercially.

In fact, a lively open developer community (see, HSL Developer Community, http://dev.hsl.fi/) provides a multitude of innovative applications and services by exploiting and combining the increasing number of open APIs of public information (e.g., Helsinki Region Infoshare, http://www.hri.fi/en/).

Currently, real-time location information for the public transportation is available for trams and a limited number of buses. Helsinki Region Transport, however, has an ongoing ticketing and information systems development project until the end of 2015, after which real time information should be available from all their buses, enabling more advanced on-trip assistance services.


Services validated are Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA) and VoiceInfo.

Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA)
VoiceInfo (VI)


Pilot site leader: VTT

Associated Partners:
Nokia Networks


VTT: Matti Penttilä, matti.penttila@vtt.fi