Pilot Site: London

The London pilot site consists of the review of one main corridor within central London: the A24 within central London is the trial location for London pilot.

The London A24 site is a suburban corridor which stretches from the M25 to A3 in Central London. It is considered as one of the major arteries in South West London since it is the only route which connects into Central London. The length of the corridor is about 14.5 miles (23.4 kilometres) with typical speed limit of 30 mph (~50 km/h). The corridor consists of approximately 29 consecutive intersections/traffic junction sites along the route; these consist of a range of traffic lights/crossings type.
The trial links the needs of travellers with disabilities to an on-demand transport focused mobile technology. The project aim is to prove the ability to integrate with a CLOUD platform to provide real time traffic updates to customer and traffic manager. It is hoped this will allow faster turn around times at drop offs and pick ups, leading to improved efficiency, providing an automated alerts to inform the client that the vehicle is ‘x’ minutes away and to get ready.

This is in response to two observed problems:

  1. vehicles waiting around for a pick-up makes for an inefficient service;
  2. passengers, especially elderly or infirm, often have to wait around in the rain for an expected arrival, with no idea of when the vehicle will actually arrive.

Technical properties:

  • A fleet of 360 vehicles operating the Dial-A-Ride service
  • On-demand booking and scheduling system interfaced with AVM system
  • Up to 10 vehicles equipped with the telematics On-board Unit (OBU) communicating back to the in-station (AVM systems)
  • Real time ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) information to the DaR clients
  • Real time networking monitoring
  • 3G/4G networks.


Service validated at London pilot site is Demand Responsive Transit – DaR.

Demand Responsive Transit or Dial-A-Ride


Pilot site leader: Transport for London (TfL)

Associated Partners:


TfL – www.tfl.gov.uk: Kiran Joshi, kiran.joshi@tfl.gov.uk