Pilot Site: North Denmark Region

The pilot is rooted in the Aalborg area in the North Denmark Region.
The Region covers an area of 8.000 km2, has a population of 580.000 inhabitants and a road network of 12.000 km roads.
The region is the leading ITS Region in Denmark, with an intensive ITS cooperation between the public authorities, and with a cluster of private companies specializing in ITS and mobile communication.
A wide range of advanced ITS system have been implemented In North Denmark and especially in the Aalborg area, primary in the field of congestion monitoring, traffic information and public transport.


North Denmark Pilot develops two parking services with the aim to validate and demonstrate the use of the MOBiNET components.
The Parking services will also be implemented in the Trikala pilot, and the Traffic Information Services developed in Helmond will be implemented in the North Denmark Pilot to demonstrate the transferability when using MOBiNET.

Parking Services


Pilot site leader: North Denmark Region
Gatehouse develops the real time parking data services and the back-offices part of the parking services
University of Aalborg, develops the Parking smartphone app

Associated Partners:
Danish Road Directorate
City of Aalborg


North Denmark Region: Jens Mogensen, J.Mogensen@RN.dk
Gatehouse: Jesper Holgersen, jhl@gatehouse.dk
University of Aalborg: Lars Mikkelsen, lmm@es.aau.dk.