Pilot Site: Trikala

Trikala is a medium size city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece. It counts approximately 76.000 inhabitants. There are approximately 100.000 inhabitants in the Trikala regional unit.

Technical properties:

  • 35 km of fiber optic installed; 34 Wi-Fi nodes of free internet access; 31 operational e-services; fully interactive GIS
  • 900 e-parking places and 4 parking information signs
  • 5 inductive loops measuring traffic data
  • 20 municipal vehicles and 25 public buses equipped with OBUs / GIS positioning systems; 25 public transport information signs installed at central bus stops


Services validated at Trikala pilot site include Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA) and Parking Services.

Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA)
Parking Services


Pilot site leader: Institute of Communication and Computer systems (ICCS)

Associated Partners:


ICCS – http://i-sens.iccs.ntua.gr: Angelos Amditis, a.amditis@iccs.gr; Katia Maglé, katia@iccs.gr
INFOTRIP – http://www.infotrip.gr: Vissilis Miaras, vmizaras@infotrip.gr; George Sarros, gsarros@infotrip.gr
eTrikala – http://www.e-trikala.gr: Odisseas Raptis