Pilot Site: Vigo

The pilot is rooted in the city of Vigo, Galician city in the northwest coast of Spain. Added to the urban environment, the CTAG private circuit is also used for the purposes of the project. The City of Vigo has a population of 300.000 inhabitants on an area of 109 km2. Main Galician, Spanish and Portuguese cities are located at tge following distances:

- 27.4 km to Pontevedra
- 90 km to Santiago de Compostela
- 610 km to Madrid
- 159 km to Oporto (Portugal)
- 456 km to Lisboa (Portugal)


  • Cooperative intersections in urban area
  • Central control room
  • Full electric and ICE vehicles
  • Open for public inside a limited area

Technical properties (Service PRT in Vigo)

  • Interaction between the end user and the control centre:
  • - Route Request: the user requests a vehicle to the control centre.
    - Route Inform: the control centre searches for a vehicle and proposes it to the user.
    - Route Confirm: the user confirms the booking to the control centre.
    - Route Validation: when the vehicle arrives, the user gest in and confirms the destination.

  • Interaction between the vehicle and the control centre:
  • - Get Position: provides the exact position of the vehicle (using GPS coordinates).
    - Battery Status: informs about the remaining level of car battery.
    - Route planning & management: enables to load routes pre-calculated by the control centre.
    - Remote vehicle control: provides an interface for remotely starting and stopping the vehicle.
    - Alert function: allows to send alerts from the vehicle to control centre.

Technical properties (Service RTTI & B2BTS)

  • Loop sensor stations installed
  • Real-time data available:
    - Timestamp
    - Speed
    - Occupancy
    - Intensity
    - Road
    - Kilometre Mark
    - Position (geographical coordinates)

  • Floating Car Data
  • Data available:
    - Position (geographical coordinates)
    - Speed
    - Heading
    - Timestamp


Five services are validated at Vigo pilot site: Green Light Optimum Speed Advice (GLOSA), Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA), PRT service inside MMTA and B2B Traffic related services (B2BTS).

Green Light Optimal Speed Advice (GLOSA)
Real-Time Traffic Information
Multi Modal Travel Assistant (MMTA)
B2B Traffic related services (B2BTS)


Pilot site leader: CTAG - Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia


CTAG: Pablo Mejuto Sousa pablo.mejuto@ctag.com