Platform releases

The MOBiNET platform, core services or components are continuously being upgraded in a series of platform releases.

Iterative incremental approach

MOBINET follows the Agile methodology: there will be 3 releases of the Platform:
R1 – July 2014
R2 – September 2015
R3 – March 2016
R3.1 – September 2016
R4 – March 2017

Figure : Development iterations

Releases 1, 2 and 3
Platform release no. 1 was launched at the European ITS Congress in Helsinki in June 2014. The second release of the platform took place first half of 2015. Platform release 3 was introduced to developers and start-uppers in the context of an ITS Hackathon organised in October 2015 to stimulate new MOBINET service ideas. The verification and validation of release 3.0 happened between September and November 2015.
Intermediate release of platform - release 3.1
The development of Release 3.1 of MOBiNET platform is currently ongoing and will include all the core functionalities for the services already available in the previous release, as well as the billing & clearing module. R3.1 will be validated at the pilot sites in autumn 2016
All planned services will be implemented on the 8 pilot sites and the MOBiNET platform with all its functionality will be thoroughly validated with these services.
Final release Strasburg - Release 4.0
The final platform release, release 4.0, will include all modifications necessary that came out of the verification and validation of R3.1 (and earlier releases).
The requirements for release 4.0 will be ready by end of December 2016. Release 4.0 will be commissioned in February 2017, verification and limited validation will happen in spring 2017.
The final MOBiNET event will take place at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, June 2017.