The Provider Community

MOBiNET facilitates a network of content and service providers, a Community of private, public and commercial users of the platform and providers of the portfolio of services and contents that will attract other providers & users

  • Engage in creating a harmonised implementation environment that fosters partnerships amongst suppliers and promotes the market of innovative mobility services
  • Participate in consultations on business rules, requirements on technical integration, additional services and components
  • Address your issues and concerns on administrative burden, security and competition

The MOBiNET Provider Community is open to:

  • Passenger and goods transport operators that have transport data and offer collective passengers and goods transport information services;
  • Infrastructure operators that have real-time and historic traffic data and offer traveller information services;
  • Other traffic data and information providers;
  • Service providers that use in-vehicle or location data for their services;
  • Innovative start-ups and SMEs that develop mobile Apps for mobility services (car sharing, car and traveller information, taxi service booking and payment); and
  • Other transport- and mobility-related organisations.

Your added value by joining the MOBiNET Provider Community:

  • MOBiNET offers tools for comparing available content/services/providers (e.g. Data Quality Assessment)
  • Platform functionalities and links to other Service Providers enable the development of new services (or services in a new way)
  • Common development interfaces and interoperability make service development easier (e.g. TSP Manager)
  • A single source for finding content to use in services
  • Services can be easily scaled-up through MOBiNET
  • MOBiNET provides an easy way for finding available services of different kinds across Europe (or world) possibly along with data usage (e.g. for benchmarking, identifying commonalities)
  • Provide secure payment facilities (billing / clearing component)
  • Visibility for wider exploitation
  • MOBiNET provides an interoperability framework and an upper level of clearing

MOBiNET’s continuous reaching out to its stakeholders:
Overview of activities:

  • November-December 2015: A questionnaire was sent to the MOBiNET network of interested stakeholders. The informative MOBiNET Provider Community flyer [click through] was distributed to potential service providers and discussion was initiated with a number of service providers.
  • As of September 2016: A more developed questionnaire with concrete details on technical and business issues was sent to 30 service providers. An analysis was made of data/services to be potentially integrated into the MOBiNET platform.
  • As of December 2016: Letters of commitment will be signed with specific stakeholders and services and data will be published in the MOBiNET platform.

Join our Provider Community and be among the first providers invited to publish your data & services in the MOBiNET Service Directory; engage with the team and provide feedback on your user experience.
Register here to our Provider Community Forum to stay informed on MOBiNET progress & activities, and participate in the discussions to define business and integration requirements of a Europe-wide mobility marketplace.