User Based Insurance (UBI) Demo / Use Case

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The UBI demo included a video which was a merge of previous demonstration and presentation of the
UBI use case.
Click here to see the video demonstration

Demonstration scenario

The customer (vehicle) does not have a contract with an UBI provider and wishes to obtain one. This vehicle has a device that can generate a data file which is sufficient for obtaining usage based insurance.
The telematics service provider (TSP) for the device in the car (Telecom Italia) is registered with MOBiNET and has uploaded a file containing the data that this device can provide.
The TSP for Allianz Insurance is registered with MOBiNET.
The UBI provider (Allianz Insurance) has defined what data it requires in order to deliver usage based insurance to a customer.
The user is able to register with MOBiNET and register the make, model and year of the car for which UBI is desired.
The user is able to search for UBI based on input of make, model and year, presented a list of UBI providers and will be directed to the URL of the insurance provider selected.
The customer will execute a contract with the UBI provider.
The TSP for the device in the vehicle, Telecom Italia, is able to expose a data file on an FTP server containing the proper data to the MOBiCENTRE.
The TSP Manager retrieves this file and pushes it to the TSP provider for the UBI provider, Allianz.
Payment will be made by the customer directly to the UBI provider.

Footage from UBI video

Watch the video here

Added value of MOBiNET platform

Store Data in Service Directory
Store the UBI Provider Data Requirements in the Service Directory
Allianz Insurance, and all UBI insurance providers, register with MOBiNET and describe the data they require in order to deliver a UBI product.
TSP registers in MOBiNET Service Directory all the data its system can deliver.
Customer searches Service Directory for an insurance service provider that can deliver a UBI service compatible with his or her vehicle, using Mobile Phone mobile application with the MOBiAGENT (or a browser on a PC).
The TSP Manager notifies TPS of customer’s; insurance provider is told by the TSP Manager it will receive data from customer’s TSP.
Insurance provider sends a message to MOBiNET TSP Manager providing information on the contract, including data for the specific vehicle for a specific customer.
According to the instructions given by the insurance company to the TSP Manager and by the TSP Manager to the TSPs, data from the customer's vehicle is exposed on a FTP site to the TSP Manager and then pushed to insurance provider.
TSP is really the key component in MOBINET that enables UBI.

Validation / user feedback

User feedback came from representatives of businesses active in ITS strategy, software and services, and of car OEMs. Most of them have been following the MOBiNET project for some time, are very interested in the concept and the progress that has been made in the development of the platform. They wonder if there are any companies in the current team who are willing to take the MOBiNET platform to the implementation stage.