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Demonstration scenario

VoiceInfo demo included a video explaining the VoiceInfo service and the value add of MOBiNET. The video was made available in several formats (long and shorter versions).

VoiceInfo allows you to communicate with other drivers by exchanging short audio messages while on the road. VoiceInfo also allows location-based distribution of traffic information from service providers. For example, messages from authorities can be pushed to car drivers when they approach a traffic incident site. Text-to-speech synthesis is used to transform text-based information coming from traffic information databases to voice messages. VoiceInfo lets drivers report traffic incidents easily. In this way, drivers can help fellow drivers in traffic and produce first hand traffic incident information to authorities.

Added value MOBiNET platform

VoiceInfo is realised currently as native Android application and as a platform-independent web application that works with newest web browsers. With VoiceInfo, it is possible to realise several kinds of services and as a web application it can be embedded into any other web application. MOBiNET helps users to easily find and install VoiceInfo using the MOBiNET App store that provides access to all MOBiNET end user applications.

MOBiNET ensures that the user is using authorised applications that are safe and accepted by the service provider. MOBiNET Service Directory stores information of all available services, including their geographical coverage. After VoiceInfo application has positioned itself using MOBiNET platform-independent positioning, it can determine the available VoiceInfo services by querying the MOBiNET Service Directory.

With MOBiNET it is also possible to realise roaming between localised VoiceInfo services while the driver moves on.

VoiceInfo explores several third party content providers and exploits enabling services, for example to synthesize voice messages from text-based content. For this MOBiNET provides a b-to-be market place where VoiceInfo service providers can easily pick the best services for its use. VoiceInfo provides intelligent, contextual traffic information and makes it social. With MOBiNET, VoiceInfo gets smarter and can easily be offered for car drivers all over Europe.

Footage from VoiceInfo video

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Validation / user feedback

Feedback indicated interest on VoiceInfo as it is a different approach compared to other traffic information systems present at the congress. The discussions with the interested parties related to specific technical solutions and decisions (e.g. what OBD unit we are using) and the pros and cons of user generated content. The contacts indicated that the primary interest was aroused by VoiceInfo as a service rather than the MOBiNET as an enabling platform. However, the idea of a dedicated market
place for mobility services and end user applications was welcomed.